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What is THE DOOR?

The Door offers a unique experience in the Escape Room genre. Not only will you be locked in a room, from which you will have to exit within 60 minutes of time solving a series of puzzles, but the atmosphere of each room will totally involve you, making you feel part of a real adventure. Our rooms have more gaming environments, which makes them even more mysterious and compelling. You will not only find padlocks and boxes to open, but much more.
How is the game played?

From the moment you enter the room, the door behind you will be closed electronically. You will then have 60 minutes to exit. Within all our rooms there will be many objects that can help you in your investigations and secret mechanisms to activate to advance in the game. You will have to help yourself to solve all the trials that you will find in front of you and try to get out of the room before time runs out!
I suffer from claustrophobia! Can I participate anyway?

Of course! Our rooms are large in size and are divided into several rooms. In any case, all rooms have an emergency door opening system that is always available to the players.
What happens if the time runs out and we could not get out?

You will remain closed forever! Just kidding !! We will open you and you can try again another time. Or try in another room!
How many people can participate?

From a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 people. In order to play in 7, it is necessary to apply directly to our staff on site. The addition of the sixth participant, subject to authorization, will result in an increase in the room cost of 10.00 euros to be paid in advance
What age should the participants have?

Each participant, before entering the chosen room, must sign a written release to accept to be resumed for the duration of the game in order to guarantee the correct conduct of the recreational activities. For this reason, the minimum age to play unaccompanied by one's parents is 18 years. It is however possible for minors to access our facilities if accompanied or in possession of an authorization document duly signed by their guardians / parents.
Are special knowledge or skills necessary?

Have at least a degree in thermonuclear engineering or molecular nanotechnology, but you can also be content with your skills and have a passion for challenges. Our rooms are suitable for anyone who wants to spend an hour of pure fun in the company!
How should you dress?

For us you could also come in evening dress, but it is advisable to wear sports / casual clothes
And if you can not solve some puzzles during the game?

You can request help from our Game Masters from inside the rooms, in case you can not solve that particular puzzle that is causing problems. The methods and rules regarding this mechanics will be explained to you before starting to play
What is it forbidden to do?

Break the objects in the room, climb on the furniture or try to move objects glued or on which is placed the sticker "DO NOT TOUCH", tamper with the padlocks present or force the keys into the locks; remember that every key opens its lock correctly and effortlessly. Furthermore, every object useful for solving the puzzles It is absolutely within your reach and requires no special efforts. Remember that before and after you have played and played other people, who will surely want to have fun like you just did


How to book?

The best thing is from the site, we have available an excellent booking tool with calendar and times
How much is it?

The price of the game varies according to the number of participants and is intended per room (it must therefore be divided by the number of participants).
The costs are as follows:
60€ for groups up to 4 players.
70€ for groups of 5 players.
80€ for groups of 6 players.
Is it possible to cancel the appointment or change the date / time?

Yes you can, by calling us or sending us a cancellation e-mail to the address: within 24 hours from start date of the game, specifying the new date


For companies?

The booking for companies is managed directly by our staff. Call us for more information
How can I book?

Contact us and we will offer you a customized corporate package
How can I pay?

The payment will be agreed directly with the company with regular invoice
Is it possible to cancel the appointment?

Yes it is possible with at least 48 hours notice from the booking. The cancellation must be communicated by telephone or by e-mail In case of failure to notify on time, the direction of The Door reserves the right to invoice the entire fee for participation in the waiver company.
Is it possible to change the date / time?

Certainly it is possible based on availability and with at least 48 hours notice from booking. The change must be communicated by telephone or by e-mail at: In case of failure to notify on schedule, The Door management will keep the pre-arranged reservation time and, if necessary, reserves the right to invoice the entire share of participation in the company.
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